Curves in Bloom

Calling all babes! I’m going to need you all to take out your planners, pull up your calendars and get ready to take note, like now. Something big is coming to the PNW. Big, big. I’m talking a full-blown event celebrating all bodies through dance, shopping with local fat-positive vendors, workshops, a red carpet event, fashion show, panel of amazing individuals, silent auction, raffle and more! (So glad I’m typing this all out because that borderline run on sentence would have left me winded.) All of this is happening at the inaugural Curves in Bloom conference in downtown Seattle at AXIS Pioneer Square, Saturday, February 24th.

Coming to help kick this event off are some pretty big players in the game; Jess Baker (The Militant Baker), Troy Solomon (A Bear Named Troy), Little Bear the Bearded Lady, and Bevin Branlandingham (The Queer Fat Femme). If you’re not familiar with these folks, you should be and I encourage you to take the time to check them out. If you are familiar with them, are you fangirling as hard as I am?!

If all of the aforementioned wasn’t enough (though I’m really not sure how that’s even possible) there is also going to be an exclusive happy hour where one can mix and mingle with the visiting panelists with purchase of a VIP ticket. What more could one possibly want from an event?! For a conference’s first year, the Curves in Bloom team is pulling out all the stops and I have to admit I am wildly impressed.

If I haven’t already made this clear, I can’t begin to express not only how exciting something like this is for Seattle, but how important it is. As it stands there are few events like this in the country and what few there are do not happen in our corner of the world. Whether you’re new to the body-posi lifestyle or you’re a veteran, this event is for you. And let’s be honest, after a long, cold, and wet winter here in Seattle I cannot think of a better way to kick off spring than overloading on some always needed body positivity.

Interested in going? Get your tickets here and I’ll see you there!

Photo by Sarah Gonia Photography.

Photo by Sarah Gonia Photography.